About Us

We Value…

Local, State and Federal government that:

  • Governs with the consent of the governed and strictly adheres to the United States Constitution and the ‘Rule of Law.’
  • Protects the rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness as endowed by our Creator.
  • Is limited in its power, scope and size.
  • Supports and defends OUR national and state sovereignty, individual liberty, free markets, energy independence and strong national defense.
  • Is financially responsible and limited in ability to tax and spend the people’s money.

We Will…


  • Promoting, organizing and convening Tea Parties to communicate OUR VISIONand VALUESand motivate FELLOW CITIZENS and ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES TO ACTwith consideration of OUR VISION and VALUES.
  • Educating individuals to recognize and support candidates to local, state and federal government who are personally governed by OUR VISION and ACT in support of OUR VALUES.
  • Providing legislative updates to OUR fellow citizens to educate & empower them to exercise their voice.
  • Supporting, organizing and convening summits, conventions and seminars to promote, educate and debate OUR VISION and VALUES with OUR fellow citizens.
  • Empowering our fellow tea party groups to grow individually by organizing, networking, and communicating with them.