News Release – Fayette Tea Party – 8/2/2012


The Tea Parties of Tennessee and their allies began to change the character of Tennessee government yesterday.

The most consequential contest was in Tennessee House District 45, where Republican Debra Maggart was soundly beaten by Tea Party Republican Col. Courtney Rogers. The Tea Parties, the Tennessee Firearms Association, Campaign for Liberty, and other Liberty groups were joined by the NRA in choosing Maggart as a target. Maggart had some decent conservative credentials, but had promised to support critical bills entered by these groups regarding self defense rights, independence from Obamacare, and other state issues. Instead of support, back room Republican Caucus maneuvering defeated each of the Tea Party bills. Representative Maggart was the Chairperson of the Republican House Caucus, and thus clearly responsible for the critical legislative defeats.

Col. Rogers has been an active Tea Party member, after her Air Force career. She was one supporter of the bills that were scotched by the Caucus.

Another of our candidates who prevailed in the primary was Laurie Day, in District 74.

There were, on the other hand, several defeats of Tea Party candidates: Zach Poskevich was soundly beaten by Bob Corker in the contest to put Corker, a part-time-only conservative, out of his seat in the U.S. Senate. In Memphis, Charlotte Bergman was outspent by Dr. George Flinn in the primary that chose the November opponent to Steve Cohen, one of the most radical anti-Constitution liberals in the U.S. House of Representatives. We can only hope that Flinn wins in November, and learns some parts of the Constitution.

Annette Justice put up a strong effort to overcome the lopsided advantage of Steve Fincher in U.S. House district 8, a district with new boundaries. Fincher has given some indications that he will improve his support for Constitutional values, so this election may be a motivator.

In East Tennessee state districts, RINO Doug Overby defeated Tea Party candidate Scott Hughes; Bob Ramsey beat Tona Monroe, and other races saw similar results.

The key race defeating Maggart and replacing her with Rogers has been a major learning experience for the growing numbers of Tea Party activists in Tennessee. Assuming Col. Rogers wins in November, the political effect of the ousting of the House Republican Caucus chair will motivate real attention to Tea Party values. The other races have given a number of future Tea Party conservatives their first lessons in election skills, and promise to be a growing influence in American politics and the restoration of Constitutional values.